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Printing to the Large Xerox Printer Using Secure Print

  1. In the program from which you are printing, choose File - Print.

  2. Using the down arrow next to Name, choose \\FAS-ADMIN\NJ-202-X490ST and choose the number of copies you want:

  3. Click on Properties:

  4. Click the Paper/Quality tab, and using the down arrow next to Paper Source, choose Tray 6 for white or Tray 1 for colored paper:

    If you wish, you can choose two-sided printing by click on the Layout  tab and and selecting Flip on Long  Edge under Print on Both Sides:

  5. When you are finished, click the Advanced Button:

  6. Under Document Options, choose Job Type. By default, "Normal Print" is selected. Click the down arrow to choose Secure Print

    (If you wish  to staple the document, click next  to Stapling and choose one staple or two staples.)

  7. You will be asked to enter a 4-digit Secure Print ID. Choose any 4-digit number and enter it in both boxes:

  8. Click OK on the next 3 screens.

You must then:

  1. Go to the Xerox machine.
  2. Press Job Status.
  3. Choose your job from the list by pressing on it.
  4. Press Release.
  5. Enter your 4-digit secure print ID.
  6. Press enter to print your job.