Using the Dell Laptop/NEC LT265 Projectors




NOTE: Make all connections BEFORE turning on either the laptop or the projector.

Connect the blue VGA cable to the connection marked COMPUTER 1 on the projector. Connect the other end to the blue video connector on the right-side of the Dell X300 laptop.



On Dell laptop:



On Projector:




Connect the power cord to the projector and plug into wall.






Once all cables are connected, turn on the laptop and then the projector. To turn on the projector, flip the main power switch next to the power cord to the one position. The POWER indicator will light orange. Next, press the POWER (ON/STANDBY) switch on the top of the projector for two second, until the light turns green.

You may need to cycle through the display settings on the laptop to get the picture to display on the projector. This is done by holding down the blue FN key and the F8 (CRT/LCD) key at the same time. Wait a moment after hitting the keystroke for the projector and laptop to sync up. There are three possible settings which can be cycled through with this keystroke combination:
  1. Display on laptop only
  2. Display on projector only
  3. Display on laptop and projector simultaneously

If you still do not see an image from the projector, press the SOURCE button on the top of the projector.

To turn off the projector:  press the POWER (ON/STANDBY) button. A message will appear asking if you are sure you want to power off the unit. Press the ENTER button or the POWER (ON/STANDBY) again. The power light will turn orange, and the cooling off fan will continue to run for approximately 90 seconds. Do not flip the power switch next to the power cord until the fans stop running!


  1. Unplug the power cable.
  2. Disconnect any other cables
  3. Retract adjustable feet if extended.
  4. Cover the lens with the lens cap.
  5. Return the projector, cables, and accessories to the carrying case.