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FAQ: Economics Department Printing Policy

Why must we pay for printing?

Due to severe University-wide budget restrictions, we have been forced to make permanent reductions in our operating budget. Some of our largest expense categories are paper, toner, and service costs associated with printing.

Doesn't the student computing fee portion of tuition cover printing expenses?

The student computing fee is intended to cover computing costs for campus computer labs. We operate our own computer labs in the department and must cover the costs ourselves. We receive no computing fee funds from the University for printing costs.

What is the per-page cost for printing?

The department charges 5 cents per page for all networked printers.

Is there any quota of free prints allowed?

Yes. Each user will receive a deposit of $50 in their account at the beginning of the academic year. This amount can be used among any of the networked printers, with the exception of the copiers in the main office. Jobs submitted to the Ricoh copiers in the main office are tracked separately.

What happens when my printing quota runs out?

Once your print account balance reaches zero, no additional printing may be done until a prepayment is made, and the quota reset. You must pay in advance for additional printing. If you wish, you can arrange for payments to come out of a research or grant account, if you have one. Otherwise you will need to pay in advance (by cash or check) to increase your quota. Faculty, instructors, and PTLs should speak with Debbie Holman to replenish printing accounts, while graduate students should direct such requests to Dorothy Rinaldi. If you are both a graduate student and a PTL, you should make your requests to Dorothy. Once payment has been made, Debbie or Dorothy will contact Matthew Steiner, who will increase your quota. Please do not direct such requests directly to Matt.

What if I have my own printer in my office?

For those of you who have personal printers in your offices, you will need to purchase both paper and toner cartridges on your own account. You may purchase packages of paper (500 sheets) from the office for $2.50, or buy your own paper by the case. Toner cartridges for personal printers should also be purchased on your own account. These can be ordered through the department if you have an account that can be filled. Otherwise it is best to make your purchases outside the department.

Does this policy affect photocopying?

We do not plan to make any immediate changes in copying policy, as the bulk of copying now seems to be for teaching (exams, etc.) Materials for classes, therefore, should be given to the office staff for copying, rather than printing (unless you don’t mind paying for this yourself). However, you should strongly consider posting material such as syllabi online for your students, rather than using handouts, especially for larger classes.